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Delivered value

  • Offer managers a new communication management tool (NIC) for the business or activity. Provide them with a new management outlook that helps them in the decision-making processes
  • Offer management as part of the professionalization process of the company
  • Create a culture and communication forum with the managers and the members involved
  • Analyse the views from the most relevant people so as to reach consensus
  • Guide the managers so that they can get to know their identity and their business-activity
  • Explain the identity and the business-activity in an orderly manner
  • Make a diagnosis of the projected image and of how they are communicating
  • Develop their cultural and identity strategy
  • Develop the organisation brands architecture
  • Develop communications strategies, determining the critical aspects of the organisation and the communication goals aligned with them
  • Develop annual communication plans
  • Coordinate- , manage, guide and train teams for the implementation of communication systems, actions and pieces
  • Audit communication while focusing in coherence and synergy
  • Optimise the time assigned to information collection
  • Centralise information
  • Create effective macro communication strategies (NIC method)
  • Develop campaigns (institutional, marketing and internal campaigns)
  • Quantify company management metrics
  • Create a record of the actions and the impact such actions had


  • Integral diagnosis of the state of affairs to date, of the company brands, their organisational culture and their internal and external communications
  • Definition of organisational culture: vision, mission, values, service culture, change, information and operation processes, leadership, teams, management styles.
  • Brands and sub-brands strategy
  • Integral communication strategy- marketing, internal & external strategies-
  • Contents strategy
  • Specialised communications strategic plans: marketing, internal, institutional, corporate, SCR, press, social media, among others.
  • Thorough reports for the implementation of: Brands, Webs, Press, Trainings, among others.
  • Implementation department: we coordinate expert associated teams in each field (marketing, designers, press agents, Google certificates, community managers, contents, trainers, audio-visual producers and events)
  • Workshops & Trainings: Working sessions + ad hoc group consultancies based on necessity
  • Personal brand strategies, for corporate or independent professionals

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