Corporate or independent professional


We advise and provide independent or corporate professionals with guidance in the analysis and definition of their potential, their talents and their professional and personal mission as well as their main distinguishing attributes in the market. We also help them in the development of their project or career and in the planning of all the communications in the short, medium and long term which the professional should implement in order to achieve the goals they set and a solid image aligned with the professionals’ identity and with what they want to do.

We inspire and boost people’s unique and non-transferable differential, and we advise them while they grow and position in the market.

  • Each person is a unique and one-off human being, one of kind, and everybody has valuable and unique talents. Everyone has the right and duty to discover and develop those talents for their own benefit and for the common good.

  • Everybody can fly high and turn themselves into an exceptional and valuable human being who can prove victorious before their own and other people’s eyes.

  • In order to fly high, it is vital to dare to undergo a transformation with great commitment, intensity and openness in order to be consistent with what we are, do and communicate.

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by Teresa Cassagne

Our customers' needs

  • Reinvent themselves, make a change in the independent professional or corporate activity they are developing (it does not matter if it is in the same area of expertise or in a different one, in the same profession they are currently practising or in another one)
  • Align their professional activity with their wishes or passions, with their own identity
  • Outline the professional mission and the project they would like to develop
  • Create a professional image
  • Have a basic communication package:
    • Logo
    • Web site
    • Business cards
    • Layout for dissertations and social media
  • Communicate the professional value that is not being seen by those who should be perceiving it
  • Have a follow-up by an expert all throughout the process, in the initial steps and in the key stages of development.

Areas of expertise and cross-cut services

  • Areas of expertise

    • Personal-professional identity

      • Beliefs and DNA
      • Definition and approach of the working method
      • Mission
      • Vision
      • Values
    • Project and professional mission

    • Professional Image

      • Professional distinguishing attributes
      • Positioning in the market
      • Personal image definition
    • Professional Communications

      • Commercial communications
      • Public communications
  • Cross-cut Services to Working Areas

    • Follow-up throughout the professional project; both in the first step and in the following key stages
    • Definition of a professional project
    • Identity definition and professional mission
    • Personal image definition
    • Public and commercial communications plan
    • Defined means, actions and communication pieces development management:
      • General base contents
      • Logo
      • Web site
      • Business cards
      • Layout for dissertations and social media
      • Audio-visual
      • Social media
      • Digital positioning
      • Networking
      • Press
      • Other ad hoc services

Contracting options

  • Two hours a week guidance in projects of 3, 6 and 9 months
  • Specific enquiries
  • Guidance provided during half a day on a monthly basis
  • Skype sessions

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