Management and coherence model N.A.I.C

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Our hallmark is the management & coherence model N.A.I.C developed by the Director of the Consultancy, Teresa Cassagne, after a long career path in Argentina and France. The model core is the identity and organizational culture know-how, that cross all the other specialization areas of consulting. It has the deep conviction that every single business element is supported by the identity and the organizational culture.

It is an exclusive and self-developed matrix, which is applied in analysis, strategic development and management. It was used in several cases and it had a successful application and it is founded in the different professional perspectives such as management, business, law, commercial, marketing, contextual-systemic communication, branding, and internal, commercial and institutional communication. The scientific paradigms that support this model are the phenomenological, comprehensive and constructivist ones as well as the systemic and semiology-contextual theories of qualitative sciences.

Implementators' network

We offer a wide network of trustworthy professionals who are highly committed and collaborate in different areas:

  • Collaborating with Teresa Cassagne from DAPHNECOM
  • Part of the client’s staff and this is the team with which Teresa Cassagne works
  • Recommended by Teresa Cassagne to the client

Copyright N°5208106

by Teresa Cassagne

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