Management and coherence model N.A.I.C

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Our hallmark is the management & coherence model N.A.I.C developed by the Director of the Consultancy, Teresa Cassagne, after a long career path in Argentina and France.

It is an exclusive and self-developed matrix, which is applied in analysis, strategic development and management. It was used in several cases and it had a successful application and it is founded in the different professional perspectives such as marketing, contextual-systemic communication, branding, and internal, commercial and institutional communication. The scientific paradigms that support this model are the phenomenological, comprehensive and constructivist ones as well as the systemic and semiology-contextual theories of qualitative sciences.

Implementators' network

We offer a wide network of trustworthy professionals who are highly committed and collaborate in different areas:

  • Collaborating with Teresa Cassagne from DAPHNECOM
  • Part of the client’s staff and this is the team with which Teresa Cassagne works
  • Recommended by Teresa Cassagne to the client

Copyright N°5208106

by Teresa Cassagne

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