Teresa Cassagne

Founder and director of DAPHNECOM

With a long career path in multinational companies- in France and Argentina-, Teresa Cassagne is a consultant in Integral Strategic Communication, Culture & Image as well as the founder of the consultancy agency DAPHNECOM. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication (with a specialization in culture and internal communication) from the University of Montpellier Paul Valéry in France, and she subsequently obtained her Master’s degree in Communication Management in Organisations in the University of Austral. She specialised in the development of diagnoses and internal, institutional, commercial, cultural and brand communications strategies.

“My commitment is to communicate in a strategical and authentic way: enhance the best and most authentic attributes of companies, organisations, persons, their business, their mission, their identity and their culture in its broadest sense. I also provide them with coherence, their most essential intangible asset”.


We work in partnerships and/or stategic alliances with a team of professionals, who are highly committed experts in different business and communication areas: brand, culture, internal, institutional and commercial communications, in research, strategy and implementation services; and business architecture, partnerships and commercial development.

Implementators' network

We also have a wide network of trustworthy and highly committed colleagues and agencies devoted to implementation, which provide us with a sound support in the development of means, actions, communication pieces: in the areas of writing, workshops, trainings, audio-visual, positioning, publicity, press, among others. They work in different ways:

  • Collaborating with Teresa Cassagne from DAPHNECOM
  • Part of the client’s staff and this is the team with which Teresa Cassagne works
  • Recommended by Teresa Cassagne to the client

Sofia Cassagne

Legal Counsel focus on business development & Specialist in corporate identity and business culture

With a long professional and academic career in France and Argentina, in the development of international and local business, Sofia Cassagne is a consultant in Development and Integral Legal Structuring of Business & in Business Culture (identity, purpose, organizational culture …). In-house legal counsel in multinational companies, business lawyer and entrepreneur, she specializes in setting up business models, in diagnosing business culture and the legal risks of acquisition operations and new business development, in legal structuring strategy of business and its strategic, commercial and financial partnerships, and in its contractual implementation.

My commitment is to support multidisciplinary, even multicultural, teams in the structuring or restructuring of business models and any type of partnership, which reconcile at the same time legal, strategic and operational issues, and which are aligned with consistency with the business culture. This, in order to ensure the sustainable development of the company, “win - win” commitments and efficient operation between all stakeholders.

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