Teresa Cassagne

Founder and director of DAPHNECOM

With a long career path in multinational companies- in France and Argentina-, Teresa Cassagne is a consultant in Integral Strategic Communication, Culture & Image as well as the founder of the consultancy agency DAPHNECOM. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Information and Communication (with a specialization in culture and internal communication) from the University of Montpellier Paul Valéry in France, and she subsequently obtained her Master’s degree in Communication Management in Organisations in the University of Austral. She specialised in the development of diagnoses and internal, institutional, commercial, cultural and brand communications strategies.

“My commitment is to communicate in a strategical and authentic way: enhance the best and most authentic attributes of companies, organisations, persons, their business, their mission, their identity and their culture in its broadest sense. I also provide them with coherence, their most essential intangible asset”.


We work in partnerships and/or stategic alliances with a team of professionals, who are highly committed experts in different business and communication areas: brand, culture, internal, institutional and commercial communications, in research, strategy and implementation services; and business architecture, partnerships and commercial development.

We are Estudio GARIBALDI’s strategic partners. Estudio GARIBALDI is specialised in wayfinding, and we work together in the fields of branding/ communication and visual identity, and web development. The team is multidisciplinary, it has high professional quality, it is aligned with the project strategy, and it is committed to working with creativity and integrity in each of the projects: www.estudiogaribaldi.com.ar

Implementators' network

We also have a wide network of trustworthy and highly committed colleagues and agencies devoted to implementation, which provide us with a sound support in the development of means, actions, communication pieces: in the areas of writing, workshops, trainings, audio-visual, positioning, publicity, press, among others. They work in different ways:

  • Collaborating with Teresa Cassagne from DAPHNECOM
  • Part of the client’s staff and this is the team with which Teresa Cassagne works
  • Recommended by Teresa Cassagne to the client

Mariana pugliese

Independent Collaborator / Professional and Organisational Mission Advisor. Researcher. Team Dynamics Facilitator.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences (UBA) and a master’s degree in Communication for Change Management (Austral University). She has been working in national and international companies for more than 15 years and she is part of the collaborative team of DAPHNECOM as independent professional. She guides people, companies and organisations in identity, cultural and internal communication diagnoses research and development.
She is mainly focused on facilitating self-knowledge and on defining the professional and organisational mission and identity. She also designs and conducts workshops related to these topics.
Owing to her training as biologist, she developed skills to follow different methodologies, observe, analyse each detail and systematise and control diverse processes. In acquiring new tools in relation to identity and communication she has been present in both the “hard and soft” worlds. Her passion is to work with people and to be a bridge between them based on foundations such as transparency, listening capacity and seriousness.

“We cannot communicate what we don’t know. The most efficient communication is that which is attained after an exhaustive identity knowledge process, and such identity is unique and non-transferable. My role is to allow people to discover such genuine and authentic identity and hence to establish coherent, integral and strategic communication”.

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